Jordana klein

Jordana klein

Bet Shemesh,

Jordana Klein has been painting for over twenty years. Her paintings are sold in galleries in Jerusalem and Manhattan, and throughout the world. Jordana studied painting and fine arts at The School of Visual Arts, NY; The Fashion Institute of Technology, NY; Stern College; The New School, NY; and the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. She currently resides in Bet Shemesh, Israel and is painting full time, focusing on the unique buildings, scenery and flora of Israel.

Painting is in my blood. The paintbrush is my hand, hard-wired to my brain. They speak directly, without conscious interference.

The paintbrush is my conduit, taking the innocent color sitting alone on my palette and forcing it to life. To mix and socialize with others. To create a life that did not exist and could not exist without the very act of my painting it.

Why does this matter? Because color is emotion and composition is the story. My emotion and my story. My relaxation, my passion and my contribution to the world.

When I paint I create, adapt, discover and – hopefully – delight. The journey is as important as the end product. Although perhaps that is not quite true. For me it is all about the journey. The trying of new things, putting colors where they don’t belong yet still make sense. Creating order out of chaos, and sometimes chaos out of order. Interpreting the world as I see it or as I would like to see it. Putting a unique Jordana spin on it.

Since I was a little girl, painting has been my therapy. A calming influence and yet uniquely energizing. An internalexternal dialogue that at first was extremely private and personal. Exhibiting my art felt, well, exhibitionist. But through the sharing I grew to enjoy another element – the completion and separation between the art and me. It forever remains a part of me, but upon completion is transformed (like a full-grown child) into a standalone existence, no longer tethered to me or I to it.